February 22, 2020
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Happy New Year!

2017 was a long year for our family. At the beginning of the year we thought Holden would have surgery then, and then the great wait began. In February he had the cath done, and we had to stay over night because of complications. At the same time my sister had a terrible accident and received multiple surgeries on her leg and arm, having to be in and out of the hospital through the summer.

In March, we launched Holden’s birthday fundraiser with the Holden Bears and items for the PICU. We raised over a thousand dollars, and lots of goodies for Child Life to use with the kids. Thank you all for that!

In April, the day before Holden’s 1st Birthday, a milestone for CHD babies, he went into cardiac arrest while trying to slow his heart for the CT scan. He spent his birthday in the hospital, unable to walk or sit up. We had to cancel his birthday party, and reschedule it a few weeks later. Fortunately, he’s determined, and he was up walking again within days.

In July, days before Corbyn’s 3rd birthday party, Holden had a successful CT scan. Again, we waited to hear about a surgery schedule.

In September the 3D model of his heart was reviewed, and we received disappointing news that Holden wasn’t eligible for the biventrical repair. Also, we had to wait another month for his surgery because he was recovering from an infection.

On October 24th, Holden had a successful Glenn surgery. Praise God, he was walking and riding around the PICU by day 2. By day 4, we went home.

Since then, Holden has been doing so well. He has to see Birth To Three specialists for his eating and sensory aversions, but besides that he’s a pretty normal almost 2 year old. Yesterday we skipped church because of the 7 degree weather. We worried that it would be difficult for him to breathe in that cold a temperature.

In all that has happened in 2017, even though it has been stressful and disappointing at times, we have also seen God’s hand in everything. We have felt peace that passed all understanding. You all have been on this journey with us through your prayers, and we are thankful for that. It’s hard to know how you will respond to stress, and I can’t say that I’ve handled it well in every moment, but I can say that the body of Christ is alive in His people, and His spirit has sustained us.

So as we begin 2018, we are thankful for a healthy boy, a couple years without surgery, our mostly patient and understanding 3 year old (Corbyn), and all of you who have kept us sane, fed, and healthy.



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