June 5, 2020
  • 11:37 pm Fall 2018 Pictures
  • 1:37 pm Halloween Photo Drop
  • 4:35 pm Heartiversary Celebration
  • 4:32 pm Fontan Clinical Studies
  • 4:18 pm Tomorrow is Holden’s Heartiversary

Holden had an eye appointment today. As of now, he does not need surgery, and he does not need glasses. 🙌🏼

Also, I wanted to share Corbyn’s Christmas devotional today (by Ann Voskamp). One of the questions I posed to Corbyn today was “would you give up everything here, trusting that God has called you to have something greater somewhere else, down the road?” Corbyn said “no.” I can’t blame her. I often feel this way too. However, God says that he’s not going to burden us down— he wants to lift us up and bless us. We have to trust that if we drop our fears and baggage, and come follow him, that he has something much better in store for us.

Through all of Holden’s surgeries and issues, we have had a front seat to God’s working and his blessings. I want that to be an encouragement to you all today.



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