November 15, 2019
  • 11:37 pm Fall 2018 Pictures
  • 1:37 pm Halloween Photo Drop
  • 4:35 pm Heartiversary Celebration
  • 4:32 pm Fontan Clinical Studies
  • 4:18 pm Tomorrow is Holden’s Heartiversary

Holden is the Mack Daddy of pre-op. The testing part wasn’t easy, but by the time the surgeon came, Holden was happily eating and playing in his Paw Patrol robe, killing it.

If you want to see the exact model (to scale) of Holden’s heart, there it is. The white one shows blood flow. The image is from his CT scan.

In the morning we have to be the hospital 6:15 a.m.. Surgery starts 7:30. We have to get up 3:30 to feed and bathe him.

If you want to remember to pray for him, wear red for him. Red and blue are CHD awareness colors. We’ll be wearing some amazing shirts our friend Tara made us. I’ll be sure to show them off to you.

We appreciate your prayers and truly desire them. Thank you.



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