August 26, 2019
  • 11:37 pm Fall 2018 Pictures
  • 1:37 pm Halloween Photo Drop
  • 4:35 pm Heartiversary Celebration
  • 4:32 pm Fontan Clinical Studies
  • 4:18 pm Tomorrow is Holden’s Heartiversary

Holden’s certainly our busy boy these days. It’s hard to believe that he was almost taken from us about 2 months ago. He’s our little superhero.

This Wednesday, 6/14, Holden will be back in the hospital for another attempt at the CT scan. This will be exactly 2 months to the date from the last attempt. If you remember, in the last attempt he went into cardiac arrest due to the heart slowing medication needed to take the picture.

This picture will allow the doctors to inspect and work on a 3D model of Holden’s heart before going into his actual heart.

This time the procedure will be done by his cardiac anesthesiologist, who has been working with the surgeon for a very long time. He’s the one who was there for Holden’s heart surgery and cath, so I do feel better about him doing this procedure.

However, we are still nervous to say the least. I can’t speak for Dustin, but I can say that I wish we could erase the 1st attempt so that we wouldn’t have to think of it, and just look forward to this opportunity to better see Holden’s heart anatomy. Better yet, that we could erase his heart defects altogether. The doctors will never tell me good enough news until they tell me that Holden has been miraculously cured. But unless God chooses to do that, that day will not come, and so we have to make the best choices we can for our son. It’s with these decisions that I wish I could see into the future, or least have x-ray vision so that I could tell the doctors what they need to know.

So we’re asking for prayers for our family this week. From now until Wednesday I’ll be a nervous wreck. Especially on Wednesday morning we need people praying for Holden’s body, for the anesthesiologist, for the CT scan to get a good reading, for the technicians, and also for Dustin and I to have peace that day.

We need to know if Holden has that little tiny peace of muscle between his chambers to sew a wall in between them. We also need to know if both chambers are strong enough to work separately. Please pray that the doctors can make a clear assessment as to which surgery will allow Holden his best chance life.

Thank you all for your on-going prayers.



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