October 13, 2019
  • 11:37 pm Fall 2018 Pictures
  • 1:37 pm Halloween Photo Drop
  • 4:35 pm Heartiversary Celebration
  • 4:32 pm Fontan Clinical Studies
  • 4:18 pm Tomorrow is Holden’s Heartiversary

Holden and his faithful sidekick, Corbyn, have RSV. We’ve had a pretty tiring week, but we’re not through with it yet. Please pray for them to recover and for us parents to survive. It’s through prayer and our ability to troubleshoot congestion that have kept them out of the hospital. As previously posted, something like #RSV can be fatal in heart babies.

Holden had his 9 month well-child visit today (Corbyn tagged along for a sick visit). He’s doing great with his growth and development. The doctor did notice a possible lazy eye, so he won a ticket to see the ophthalmologist. Eye surgeries run in the family, but we pray that he won’t need more than some drops and/or glasses.

Thanks for your prayers!



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